Monday, August 24, 2009

Why do I continue to Tweet: My Experiences on Twitter

by Erik Manassy

I have many friends and family ask me constantly why I use Twitter. They usually start by saying, "I don't get it", and "Why are you CONSTANTLY Tweeting?" in a mocking tone. I then encourage them to view this video, Twitter explained in Plain English and then to get an account. I would say that about half the people get it immediately and then the rest finally come around after experimenting.

Once Twitter hit the tipping point this year, you couldn't go anywhere or watch any show without the term "Twitter" being mentioned and then more people starting to come around to me again.

I've had a Twitter account since November 2006. I think I was number 13,000-ish to sign up, and I'll be the first to admit that I didn't get it at first either. I disappeared for a year and then gave it a shot again. I'm glad I did.

I personally have had some exciting things happen because of Twitter:

The next bullet just happened tonight. I revealed the new Jersey I purchased for my favorite team, the New York Jets. Big deal you say, but the responses were surprising to me. I started earlier in the week teasing people saying I bought a new Jersey and asked them to guess the number. I then posted more teasers on twitter until people kept asking me when I was going to reveal the number. I was waiting until I got the actual jersey so I could post it on Twitpic and the tweet about it, which I did.

I got a lot of responses immediately most saying they KNEW that I would select the #25 Kerry Rhodes Jersey. What is cool is, the player himself, @kerryrhodes, tweeted me within seconds of my post telling me I made the right choice! Only on Twitter could something like that happen.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What #Jets Jersey did I select? #57, #25, #29, #81 or #6 - Read on....

by Erik Manassy

I finally made my decision and purchased my Jersey for the new season. Here are the finalists:

#57 Bart Scott (New this year)
#25 Kerry Rhodes (Established Captain of the D)
#29 Leon Washington (Starting to break out)
#81 Dustin Keller (2nd year, solid)
#6 Mark Sanchez (1st Round Rookie)

This is to replace my #4 Brett Favre jersey. This probably was the toughest ever to select a Jersey. I would like a Jersey to last more than two years. I also like the player to be a stud on the field and a decent human being off the field. (Case in point, I would never get a T.O. Jersey etc...)

Of the list below, I would say that the Wayne Chrebet was my favorite jersey to wear next to the McNeil Jersey. I wore that one as a kid until it literally fell off me. I hate to admit this, but you will forgive me as I didn't make the decision, but my first Jersey EVER was not a Jets Jersey. I wore the #32 Franco Harris that my Mom bought me as a tike. "I liked the colors". My Dad resolved that issue immediately!

Here have been the numbers I have worn throughout the years:

#24 Freeman McNeil (1980's)
#54 Marvin Jones (Early 1990's)
#19 Keyshawn Johnson (1997-1999)
#80 Wayne Chrebet (1999-2003) - I wore this one so much, the sleeves turned blue.
#83 Santanna Moss (2003-2004)
#51 Jonathan Vilma (2005-2006)
#10 Chad Pennington (2006-2007)
#4 Brett Favre (2008)

So as you can see, I typically wear an offensive number. This years choices were (3) from the O and (2) from the D.

I'll post the result later and then my choice.... E

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOW TO: See Twitter Like Someone Else


Ever wanted to see Twitter the way someone else does, with all the Tweets from the people they follow? Now you can.

The tool cTwitterLike doesn't look particularly impressive with its quirky logo and rough interface but the service is strangely captivating in the way it lets you view Tweets from those being followed by a certain user. What does Twitter look like when @aplusk logs on? How about when @KevinSpacey checks in with his Tweeps?

It's simple to use: enter the Twitter name and you'll see all the latest Tweets from the people that person follows. It's straightforward, but very interesting indeed.

For a complete guide to using Twitter, see The Twitter Guidebook.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

AudioBoo Debut

AudioBoo / Zep


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Monday, July 06, 2009

"Choose Your Tribe" - by Vitamin C